Ayutthaya, Thailand

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Ayutthaya and the many temples of this trading capital and Ancient City.







An “island” surrounded by a river and moat, Ayutthaya has a certain charm just to think about this UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Ayutthaya was once the trading capital of the East and said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Where there are now only stone temples, which are still quite impressive and picturesque, once stood intricate wood carvings and incredible structures and decorations laced with gold.  Although the gold and riches are gone, there is still abundant culture to be experienced in a visit to Ayutthaya. With this only being a mere 1.5 hour ride on the train, bus or in private transport from Bangkok, you can not miss a visit here.  Tour the temples on a large elephant or walk the parks that are landscaped by nature perfectly and feature many bridges over the waterways and storks gliding while fish jump!


Elephants Tour Temples in "Ayutthaya"!


You may enjoy wonderful food and drink options and get a taste of traditional Thai spirit!  This slow paced and culture packed town is a great escape from the city and with it’s proximity to Bangkok, makes it the perfect stop before heading over the border to Cambodia and Angkor Archeological Park!  Enjoy the wonderful Night Markets that feature delicious Thai Food and fresh Sea Food for incredibly low prices.  Enjoy observing simple Buddhist lifestyle and take in the distinct Thai character that is one of the jewels of SE Asia.

Highlights & Transportation Options:


  • Phra Ram Park  and its Many Temples
  • Rungcharoen Night Market
  • Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre
  • Chao Phrom Market
  • Chantharakasem National Museum

Glimmering Temples in Phra Ram Park


  • Train
  • Bus-Thai Public Bus
  • Private Transport or Private Tour
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