Bangkok, Thailand

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Street Food is one of the Best Amenities in Bangkok! Enjoy Delicious Pad Thai all over for less than $1!!







Bangkok is such a wonderful place to explore and is the gateway for many who visit Cambodia.  Since Cambodia is still more of an up and coming economy, it might be easier to find flights in and out of Thailand from either of the Bangkok Airports.  Bangkok offers a wonderful entry point into SE Asia and there is much to be seen in this city.  We recommend that if you arrive in Bangkok, you spend a couple of days getting acquainted to the region before you head on the road to Siem Reap.  Easily you can access other spots like Ayutthaya!  When you arrive you may take the sky train and metro to reach the center of town or you can take a metered cab!  While you are in town, there are many areas that you may visit and explore.  Get local and cultural near Silom City and Siam Square.  Sukhumvit is a more Western populated region and you will find many high end amenities.  Khao San is the famed street where the eating, shopping and partying takes place!

Pagoda Like Roofs Charm the area near Khao San Where the Best of Thai Tradition Meets Western Traveler Masses!


The Infamous Khao San Road!


If you visit Bangok, you can stay in many regions though the best of local shopping, great food at great prices and action will be on Khao San which is close to many other areas including MBK and it is a short ride away from the Railway Station.  Before leaving please do visit the Royal Palace and various temples around the city.  Check out Muay Thai boxing and enjoy great massages!  Pad Thai, Curry and Papaya Salad are a must before you leave as the street food in Thailand is rather delicious.  Cambodia offers much shopping and some higher end items or electronics can be better found in Bangkok if you are in need of something.  Fashionable clothing and tailored clothing that you could use back home are abundant!  Additional Cultural experiences are the floating markets, tiger temple and elephants rides.  There is plenty more to Thailand and higher end shopping, especially jewels, is just as prominent as the budget options!  Bring little with you because a start in Bangkok will give you everything that you need and add some cultural diversity to your travels!


Highlights and Transportation Information:


  • Grand Palace
  • Wat Pho
  • Wat Arun
  • Saen Saeb canal
  • Khao San Road
  • MBK Shopping Center
  • Siam Square Shopping Center
  • Siam Ocean World
  • State Tower
  • Tiger Temple
  • Floating Markets
  • Tailor Shops
  • Jewel and Gem Shops

Papaya Salad which is Spicy and made from Green Papaya is delicious and healthy!



From the South of Thailand Or Malaysia:

  • Train
  • Bus

Fly Various Airlines to Either Airport

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