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Battambang, Cambodia

October 16, 2012 Hotspots  Comments Off on Battambang, Cambodia

Bamboo Train Driver Sitting by Rice Paddy and Water Front During Sunset 







Are you ready to stop in for a taste of history and some fun?  Battambang is as laid back and genuine Cambodia as you might find and is quite sophisticated at that.  French Colonial type structures still line the streets and there is a fine combination of old and new.  The people are kind and gentle and the options for rooms and food is good enough by far.  Enjoy the beautitful green parks and landscaped areas that are quite endearing.  The monuments, statutes, temples, pagodas and more make a visit to Battambang worth your while.  Many wonderful experiences can be found here and it is but a short ride away from Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.  If you wish, it is quite easy to stop in Battambang on your way into Cambodia and

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

October 16, 2012 Hotspots  Comments Off on Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Royal Palace with a Dark Cloud Over it 







Oh the charm of visiting the quaint and inviting capital of Phnom Penh, it is something everyone must experience.  This city really does have it all and is too often overlooked in the travel itinerary for those trekking through Cambodia and its Kingdom of Wonder.  Phnom Penh is an up and coming capital that affords you all of the amenities that you would expect from a capital city but does so without stepping on your toes.  What we mean by that is that Phnom Penh is inviting and gentle since it is still such a small city.  You can still roam around to many a place by foot and can explore with a great amount of safety.  It is on the light side when it comes to hassle but definitely not lacking things to do.


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